FO: Victorian fingerless gloves

I’ve finally learned how to read a lace chart! :woot: The edge by the knuckles could use more blocking, to lay flat, but overall I was very happy with this first attempt. Here are 3 views, top, palm, and close-up of the lace cuff.

Very nice! And they look so soft!:drool:

Oooh, very pretty!

Those are really pretty! What kind of yarn did you use?

Thank you both! Yes, that yarn was quite soft. I made another pair in a light blue silk (from a sweater I unraveled) that wasn’t as soft (nor as stretchy) but still very pretty, with a nice sheen to it. My younger daughter wants a pair in a deep wine color. That’ll be interesting.

As luck would have it, I have some left, with wrapper intact: Bernat Satin Sport, color 03007. It’s acrylic but looks nice.

Those are very cute. Love the color, and I’m sure a deep wine would look good, too.

Very pretty ! Well done :slight_smile:

oh god its lovely n the colour also …my daughter has aasked me to knit 1 for her but i didnt have a pattern…if its not too much. wud it be possiblefor u to give me the pattern if u have…plse …thnks

Very pretty! Love the pattern – where did you find it?

Great job! They’re beautiful!

:happydance: Great job!

Pretty! I think they would look fantastic in a deep wine color!

Here’s the link if anyone wants the pattern. Enjoy!

They are so delicate looking, so pretty.

:inlove: great job!!

Lovely:inlove: And lace charts are really not that bad, are they? Once you know how to read them - you can do anything:cheering:

Bernat Satin Sport

Yes, I was afraid of them at first. I was going to write out the instructions for each row (in words), but instead I forced myself to just follow the chart and found it pretty easy once I got used to it. I fold the page so the chart is near the edge, then use a paper clip to mark which row I’m on.

looks great

Very nice work! Love the creamy soft yellow color, too! :heart: