FO : Vest

[COLOR=plum][B]Here’s my finished [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=plum][B]vest from Berroco[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=plum][B]. It’s for my boyfriend and I had to do it in black because the store I went to had only a few colours :cry:. I even added his name at the bottom (my first time using duplicate stitch :cheering:)[/B][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=#dda0dd]So far, he’s been keeping quiet whenever I ask him when he’s going to wear it. [/COLOR][/B]

Nice work, I’m sure he’ll wear it, the fit is perfect! And congrats on the duplicate stitching, another great skill!

Nice Job!!!

Excellent work, it looks terrific!

It looks great. Very manly… He should definitely wear it!

I think it looks just lovely.

I am sure he will wear it.

MInd you! My hubby never wears anything i make him lol

Wow…that looks great!

Wow!!! That looks fantastic! I bet soon, he won’t be taking it off :slight_smile:

Oh, I love that vest! And the color is just perfect. My husband has been wanting me to knit him a tennis vest, and that pattern would make a nice one. Thanks for posting.