FO - Vest for Warm Woolies Campaign

Here’s the campaign and there is also a post in the the Charity Forum.

Just finished my first vest with a little more garter than called for in the pattern. It made it faster. :teehee: Well, it only took 2 days anyway… Should have slipped the edges at the top, but I’ll do it next time. Color is pretty accurate.

Cascade 220 doubled throughout.

That is so CUTE! SOunds like a worthwhile organization.


so cute n lovely colors matching

That is just GREAT!

very cute!

How cute! And for a worthy cause, too!!

Beautiful! Love the colors!

Thanks to all, I’m working on the second one now.

Very nice, Jan! I think it is perfection!

Jan, did you get the yarn from WW? I really like how quickly that pattern works up. Love your color combo!

Thanks! No, I got the yarn at my LYS a few months ago when it was on sale. You have to send something in before you can get yarn. I plan to do that after the Six for Six Campaign…assuming I can get 6 things done by Sept. 21st. :lol: Here’s the campaign and patterns they suggest for it.