FO: Vest and Sweater for child/adolescent

I completed a vest and sweater for the afghans for Afghans Winter Youth Campaign. However, I misplaced my camera cable (and then other assortments of computer havoc followed); so I had to do a little fudging in order to post these pictures. The first one I used DK weight yarn and the pattern is the Guardian Angel Vest Pattern. For the second one I held two strands of worsted weight yarn together to get a bulky weight yarn.


Have to add pictures separately. Click to enlarge.

Those are beautiful!

Also…get a card reader. They aren’t expensive and way easier than always having to find the cable and there’s no batteries involved in it either as they are USB.

Thanks, Jan. I picked one up the other day, that’s why I was finally able to post my pictures.

Those are so nice! I love love the long sleeved one.

Ditto! They are both beautiful!! Love the soft colors. :slight_smile:

I love the colors! They both look great :woot:

Yup what they all said-beautiful work. I love the colours

Very nice!! I’m sure they’ll be well-loved and keep some lucky people nice and cozy!

They came out great!!

Very nice projects. Very nice of you to knit those for some young people who need something warm to wear. Is this for Afghanistan?

Beautiful work! Nice colour! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the compliments everyone. I hope the blue sweater can be used for either gender, everyone I showed the vest to said the color I used was a bit girl-y. Yes, MerigoldinWA, they are for kids in Afghanistan.