FO-Very Vogue___Ninotchka neck warmer

This was a super easy knit.
Just a [B]rectangle[/B] and a [B]i-cord[/B] but when they came together, they Vogued.

[B]‘Ninotchka’ neck warmer[/B]

:inlove: very pretty!!

That’s cool!

Wow! That looks awesome! :slight_smile:

Aaah, love it, so very Vogue. Colors are fantastic together.

Very cool!

Really cool and unique! It looks great. :hug:

Oooooohhhhhh Laaaaaaaaa Laaaaaaaaa…

Tres Chic!


It is very very classy:inlove:! Indeed a Vogue knit!

Fantastic! How did you do that? It [B]looks[/B] difficult.

very nice

I layed out the i-cord with pins, then went from one end to the other sewing it down.
Sewing is not my greatest love, but it didn’t take long to tac this down.
I gave it to my friend this morning, she :heart: it. She has a huge antique button collection. I left the button off so she could fit it to her neck and use one of her awesome buttons.

[I][B]Yours is the best I’ve seen! [/B][/I] Wonderful work! Thanks for the link, too! I faved the pattern, and put it in my queue!

Ooooo, I like that. The i-cord is really a cool addition to a simple rectangle neck warmer. It really did Vogue it up! You picked some interesting yarn for the i-cord; lots of character.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Ohhhh… that is nice!
Amazing, in fact… :thumbsup:
TEMA :knitting: [/COLOR]