FO: very first set of fingerless gloves

this set of fingerless gloves i finished in 2 1/2 days.
I’m so excited! :happydancing: i’ve been showing them to everyone.

knit each one at a time on size 5 US straights
the yarn is worsted weight acrylic, caron wintuk in oatmeal and a purple i got at a yard sale.

i found this site which has a pattern generator

i saw that it called for dpn’s which i don’t have, and i didn’t care for the thumbhole so i ditched it and made up one!

they look a bit different, but it was just the camera, although the one is slightly stretched from everyone trying it on.

i’m going to give them to my grammy tomorrow, i can’t wait!

Those look wonderful! Grammy will be thrilled!

What a lucky gramma! :cheering:

You did a great job!!:cheering:

She’s going to love them! That’s pretty cool that you made up your own thumb.