FO: Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens and scarf knock-offs

With the upcoming Olympic Games, a friend of mine has been bugging me to make these things, which are sold in stores:

The designs are sewed on, not knitted, but I managed to pull off these instead, with the maple leaf knitted into the mitten:

The scarf that they sell in stores looks like this, I think:

My German language exchange partner is heading back to Germany in a few days and I whipped up a smaller buttoned neck warmer as a going-away thank-you present.

[color="#330099"]Excellent pattern creation. Well done![/COLOR]

Great work! :thumbsup:

Wow! Nice job!!

Nicely done! :yay: :yay:

Yes I have seen these cheap Olympic hats and mittens(made in China:noway: ).They are very sad indeed!!

I’m glad you made some nice gifts!!
Canadians ROCK!!:woohoo:

Very nice!

When I first saw this post I thought it said “[B]scary[/B] knock-offs”. :roflhard:

Wow!! They look awesome!!

Those are both awesome! Great job!

Those are awesome. I really like the scarf. I have a pair of the mittens (I got them when the torch went through Regina as the stores can’t keep them on their shelves) and I agree they are really cheap mittens. I think I am too used to my homemade ones I have made and how warm and cozy they are and made to fit perfectly on me.

Very nice! They even look warmer than the other ones. Home made is best!


I used the maple leaf pattern again, this time for a hat. It’s a bit too narrow, having cast on only 68 stitches, but hopefully it’ll stretch out a bit.

Nice work!