FO: Valentine's Bikini :)

Okay, this pic is not good at all - the bikini looked[I] much[/I] better on than it does laying flat in this picture, but I wasn’t about to model it for you :cool: ! The colorwork was my first attempt and I found it simple and much easier than I thought it would be.

My DH was pleased with my knitting efforts for the week :mrgreen: … I thought this pattern was pretty straight forward and simple, and the size was dead on IMHO. It’s the Queen of Hearts bikini in the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch book …


Nice. Did it fit him? :teehee:


It looks great!

We women know men enough to know your husband loved this Valentine. LOL Things like this always look better on. :slight_smile: Nice job.


I’m sure it was a HIT, nice job!

Very nice! What yarn did you use? :heart:

:rofl: Not quite … :teehee: … but it fit me great :wink:

I just used Lion Brand Wool Ease cause it was on sale when I went shopping - it knit up nicely, I must say. For the hearts I used their Wool Ease White Frost - it was fuzzy and glittery, which added a nice touch :wink:

it turned out great! I’m glad you posted the FO!

:happydance: it turned out great and I’m sure he loved it :thumbsup:

Looks great! You have more guts than me, but you’ve made me consider making it for next year.

Looks good! I bet he is more supportive of your knitting now. :slight_smile:

soo freaking adorable!!!

That’s adorable. MY hubby would probably fall off the bed if I knitted something like that for him and wore it! LOL


kewl! that looks awesomesauce!

Haha, that’s awesome! I love that pattern in the book, though I don’t particularly care for the model whom they showed wearing it. :???:

You made it exquisite though, simply fabulous. :smiley:

It turned out perfectly! I love that you used a sparkley-white for the hearts… I’m sure your DH was properly dazzled :teehee:

Thanks for sharing!

LOL that’s great!

I love it! It is great that we knitters can make anything. Lovely work. I am guessing hubby enjoyed it too:)

Ditto to the above. IF I knitted items like yours, my husband would give up his lunch money in order for me to buy more yarn!

Nice job on the Bikini!