FO: Valentine Mitts

After mailing all my mitts the post mistress in my little town asked me to make her two pair for her daughter’s for Valentine’s Day. I asked what she had in mind and she said one pair pink and one red, and she mentioned beads (since she had seen my Prudence Mitts). I had enough beads left (and yarn) to add a few to the pink, so then bought some for big sister too. These are adult size. I used Barbara Walker’s Embossed Heart design and made it a bit smaller because I didn’t have very many stitches to work with. The hearts are not right smack dab in the middle of the back of the hand, but not bad.

:thumbsup: Those are beautiful mitts! How sweet of you.

Love the color! These came out beautiful!

Your design is great for Valentine’s Day! Superb knitting, as always.

Mmm, beautiful and the beads are just right. It’s a lovely heart design and well-placed. Can’t wait to see the next pair!

Very cute and Valentiny! I love the red and the beads.

Very cute and Valentiny!

Yeah, I’m hoping they are not so Valentiny that the gal will not want to wear them after Feb. 14. Mom said red and for Valentine’s Day so I couldn’t resist some hearts. I think people don’t just wear hearts on Valentine’s Day. Am I right?

Hearts are good any time of year. Valentine’s is a great time to give them. I think they’ll be worn any time the weather warrants.

Very sweet, Judy! You are the Queen of Invention! Love the mitts!

Very nicely done! Your designs are always so well thought out (centered or not), and your cable work and other additions are superb!