FO: V Neck Cable Sweater


I finally finished this after having the wool in my stash for 7+ years.

V Neck Cable Sweater - knitted in Jaeger Wool Stretch: Pattern No JH 0014

Stunning! :passedout:

That is really pretty!

Very nice! The cabled edging came out nice.

Maybe there’s some hope for me; I have some Jaeger Trinity in my stash for almost as long as you had this.

Really lovely, what took you so long?:teehee:

I’ll bet it feels fantastic to use up your yarn after 7 years! Good for you! The sweater is a really great pattern! And the color is also very nice! I love mocha colors!

THIS is why I started knitting. I imagined myself being able to create beautiful sweaters, like yours. I’m in awe of your abilities and I hope one day I can tackle those type of projects. I love your sweater…it’s really gorgeous.

Very pretty! I love that pattern, and you did a lovely job with it.

That’s lovely. :slight_smile:

Great job! It turned out gorgeous!!