FO-- Updated..added a crochet scarf to A hat for GiGi

I had a special request from a neighbor girl…She wanted a hat with a “ponytail”… A special “Thank you” Sandy for the yarn!!! Was such a hit, I crocheted a matching scarf…Photo of the scarf will not appear…only the link Thx

What a great hat! :thumbsup:
You’re a fast knitter, cheley!

Adorable hat! I love the colorfulness of it!

Thanks Jan for the edit…

Perfect ! Lovely colours :slight_smile:

That’s so cute!

It’s adorable!! Love the beautiful vibrant striping!

Thanks…but I can not (in all honesty:aww: ) take credit for the stripes…it’s one of those striped yarn… Red Heart…:hug:

Updated to Hat for Gigi…A crochet scarf, photo will not appear?

I know you have a Flickr account. Are you clicking the right thing? Click the link in my sig to review how to post photos from Flickr.

Yep I reviewed it again…I grabbed the link, clicked on image box and my computer gives me a mssg…something like: “this website is using a scripted window to ask you info”…

Is this it? It’s cute. :wink:

Only thing I’ve had to do with your photos is grab the link and use the ‘insert image’ icon that looks like this- . The only thing I can think of is you’re clicking the link icon instead. :shrug:

Yep that’s it…Nope I followed your intructions…I’ll keep playin around with it:hug:

That’s a cute little set! :thumbsup: