FO -UPDATE tote bag

Here’s the first side of my tote bag.

PRETTY!!! Is this the tote bag that you are going to felt per your signature?

Those colors are awesome, Jan!

Loving the color combo :inlove:

Looking good!!

great colors!!!

Nice color selection.

So, Jan … did you choose the colors or did the yarn come in a kit? (I could never choose such clever colors.) And is this a bag that you sew together once both sides are done? The little hat I just did (which I still have to post a picture of) was hard to sew together after I felted, so I suppose there must be a better way than I used.

I chose the colors myself. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel tend to look good together. They don’t have to be directly opposite, but you get the idea. The bag is linked in my sig btw.

I am going to mattress stitch the sides and bottom together before I felt it.

Yes it is. Except I changed the colors. :wink:

Thanks everyone! I have looked at this long enough I was beginning to wonder if I was on something when I chose the colors, but I do like them, too. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the other side now. NOTE: count your rows of each color on the first side so it’s easier when you do the second. I didn’t…well I started out doing it, but got sidetracked, and now I have to count and eyeball each row. Getting easier though now I"ve done a few color changes. LOL

I was looking at color wheels and found this generator that’s kind of cool. You can pick one main color and then choose what type of color pattern you want. For this tote I used contrasting colors as it shows.

I love :heart: the colors. I can’t wait to see them felted.
Thank you for posting the link to the color generator, I booked it and am ready to try something wild. :lol:

Im in awe of your color choices as well! LOVE them!!

Lovely color choices!!! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

ohh I love the color combos great job!!! :happydance:

Is it cooked yet??? I’m really excited to see the final project. Great colors !

Lookin’ good.

Yes, I am sewing the handles on as we speak. I have one piece left and then I’ll take a picture.

waiting with baited breath…or something like that :smiley:

Here’s the finished “tote bag!” It felted pretty small so it’s not going to work as a tote after all. I’ll just use it as a purse. I wanted to line it and may still do that if I can find the right color. Joanns didn’t have what I wanted today. Sewing the straps on was a PITA, but overall the bag was pretty easy. The colors are slightly off…if I can get a better one I’ll post it.

Overall, I’m happy with it!

Very nice!
Do you know what the finished size is?