FO update: Baby J's Hoodie

Remember, back in April, I shared some baby things I had knitted up in time
for the May baby shower for my first Great-Grandchild, a boy!
So anyway, he was born May 17…and that makes him almost 7 months old now!
He is finally fitting his big-boy hoodie, having outgrown all the other things!

Here’s my little Baby J, as we all call him, in his hoodie!

The orange crocheted items were a gift from someone else at the baby shower.

My granddaugther, Charysa, said all he wanted to do for this photo shoot was
eat leaves, dirt, plants and grass! A real boy.

The baby shower. Charysa was very happy with her baby things!

Oh he is precious! That sweater looks so cute on him and nice and warm. What kind of yarn is it? What is the pattern? Oh and did you line it or was that just a towel drying the hood?

No, I didn’t line it. Here is my project with more details.

It’s washable, 100% wool, dk wt

Made a blanket for him, too!

It had to be soaked and blocked to flatten out the chessboard pattern.
Here is the project page for the blanket. I was disappointed that it needed blocking.

Adorable great-grandbaby! Love his sweater and blanket…and the critters with the matching hat!


That hoodie looked adorable after it was knit but it looks even better on Baby J! Both the sweater and blanket are lovely. Washable wool, such a good idea.

Awww! So cute. I love seeing finished projects, but they’re even better on the recipient–especially such cute little models like this.

I’m glad you’ve got some good pictures of him in his hoodie, hat, and with his toy. That way when he outgrows everything, you can look back at these pictures and see how your hard work has paid off!!

Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely adorable across the board: great grandson, sweater & blanket!!!

Aw, how cute! Love the colour and the fit of the cardigan. (And the blanket… and little mischief during the photo shoot) :slight_smile: This boy is just precious :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

The sweater is so cute and he is gorgeous. Such great big eyes. Don’t you just love having grandchildren! :0)