FO: Uncle Argyle Scarf for DH

It was a very slow knit, but I love how this scarf turned out. When I started it was intended for son #1, but my husband fell in love with it so I’m giving it to him for his b’day next month. The pattern is Uncle Argyle Scarf in Son of Stitch n Bitch. The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash in Walnut Heather (862) and Forest Heather (866). Modeled here by son #4:

Wow, it looks fantastic, it must have been alot of work!! But simply wonderful.

I LOVE IT!! It looks great!!

That is GORGEOUS!!!

I can see why he fell in love with it, it’s just perfect. Your son looks like the model in a magazine.

No wonder your hubby fell in love with it–it’s just beautiful.


That’s a really wonderful scarf. Yes, it’s clear why your hubby wanted one!

Looks wonderful

All I gotta say is :passedout: . That is freaking awesome.

OMG…that is gorgeous! I want one of those!!

:out:…off to see if library has book…

ETA! They do and I placed a hold!

IT is super brilliant . I love it :slight_smile:

Beautiful scarf! I might have to get past my utter hatred of scarf
making and try one of these. I love it!!

Libbie :slight_smile:

Stunning, wonderful job. I so love how reversible and or double knitting turns out.

I love it! Excellent work :thumbsup:

:woohoo: That is just awesome. Great work.

Oh my…that is GORGEOUS!!!

thats sooo beautiful, i love it. :heart:

So professional looking.:cheering:

WOW! Was what I said when I first saw the picture. That is absolutely gorgeous. I have never tried to do an argyle and this is done beautifully. How did you get the pattern on both sides? Double knit, a tube, two sewn together? Are there other options? I am so impressed by this scarf. It is so long and such a lot of work went into it. Nice edges too. And a handsome model. Perfect. Now that DH got this one what do you have in mind for #1 son?

WOW, you did a GREAT job! That is AMAZING!!!