FO--Ugly to Unique Scarf!

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and also to knitting. I just started learning this week from Amy’s videos and a couple of library books (the videos are AWESOME). My first project is basically to try out different stitch patterns and color changes to get some practice. I cast on 20 stitches and have been changing the pattern every 10 rows or so. The result is likely to be an ugly scarf that no one wants to wear (including me). But I will be proud of it!

I am a vet and when I was learning to do surgery they said, “Your eyes will be amazed at what your hands have done.” It’s definitely true of knitting also!

So here’s a picture of my poor ugly scarf (I hope I posted it correctly). Anyone else knit anything ugly they have a picture of? Or still have the first thing they knitted and want to share a pic? :mrgreen:

Three cheers for Amy,, and the Knitting Forum!!!

Don’t doom it to ugly yet, that’s a very cool blue, and some of the coolest scarfs I’ve seen on this forum were a compilation of all different stitches.

My advice…don’t think ugly…think…funky! :slight_smile: Imagine round the neck of…Brad Pitt?? Lookin good round the neck of Brad…matches his eyes :thumbsup:

That’s a great way to practice new stitches! It’s beautiful because YOU knit it! Hang on to it and someday you can look at it like it’s a diary of your early knitting days. Think of it as earning your knitting chops!

Thanks for sharing!

There ARE some ugly things out there–usually posted by the yarn manufacturer :rofl:–that scarf doesn’t qualify. Sorry!:teehee:

You are doing a great job and I agree, nothing we make is ugly! We look forward to seeing the completed, “original” patterned scarf!:thumbsup:

Nothing ugly about that scarf,it is actually quite nice. The colors look great together.

I like it! Why do you think it is ugly? I think it looks cool! :slight_smile: :blooby:

Don’t be so hard on yourself! everyone here seems to like all my ugly stuff:roflhard:
seriously, that is a nice blue. dishcloths are another good way to try different pattern stitches. :knitting:

I vote with Susan! :thumbsup: [COLOR=purple][B]A “Funky” scarf :thumbsup:[/B][/COLOR]

…not an Ugly Scarf!

And, creative…:thumbsup:

Ohh I love that!

I concur, nothing ugly about that. I got a laugh out of Susan’s comment. Funky, I like funky, and the Brad Pitt line. :slight_smile: It is so true. If someone famous put that on as part of their “look” everyone would want one. You’re doing great!

[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]You may just fall in love that with that when you’re done. It’ll be special to you! Like the colours also![/COLOR][/SIZE]

hey - if you knit it yourself - it cant be ugly - the word I use myself is “unique” - you can truly say there isnt’ anotehr one like it in the world! (Is that good or bad - up to you!) hehe!

Hey hey now … there’ll be no scarf bashing in this house young lady
:tap: (Um, or man? :oops:)


Haha, okay my [COLOR=“Purple”][B]Unique Scarf [/B][/COLOR]is nearly done. I will have to post a pic when I finish it off. I continued the panel theme and learned a little about ribbing, Intarsia, Fair Isle, and a few different stitch patterns. :happydance:

I have to decide how to finish the edges… :?? I know there is a way to fix them so the scarf lies a little more flat and a little less tubular (many of the sections I tried were stockinette and so now it is a bit “rolly”).

But check this out… After reading all the rave reviews about the Knitpicks Options, I ordered myself a set. And they got here a day early! :woohoo: So I’m gonna have to hurry it up with the [COLOR=“Purple”][B]Unique Scarf [/B][/COLOR] so I can start on my next project.

Thanks for all the support! This site is awesome!!! And I love all the smileys. The only other forum I am on is a work-related one and they don’t have all these fancy smileys and text capabilities. I am in awe of Sheldon’s work!!! :notworthy:

PS I am a girl!!!

I like [B]“FUNKY SCARF”[/B] and don’t forget you’re going to block it :fingerwag: You’d be surprised what blocking does. Even the most beautiful patterns will look really wonky before they’re blocked.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

I’m not sure how to go back and edit the title of the original thread to indicate WIP --> FO… :shrug:

But here it is, the Unique Scarf, modeled by Totoro (sp?). I did a little bit of Intarsia (the star pattern turned out kind of smooshed), a bit of Fair Isle, a bit of cables (that was the hardest and didn’t turn out very well) and a few other patterns. I had a section with a diamond brocade pattern that I was disappointed in… it just didn’t “pop” like in the book photo I got it from and you can hardly see the design. It’s the blue section just above the Fair Isle. I think maybe the yarn wasn’t ideal for that??

The scarf is made in Lion Brand Wool-Ease chunky in cornflower blue and charcoal gray. I doubt I will have any occasion to wear it (I live in Los Angeles) but now I know how to knit! :cheering:

It turned out great! I hope you get a chance to wear it – I know you’ll get lots of compliments on it. I’m so impressed that you tried all those advanced techniques on your first project!! Way to go! :cheering:

If THAT scarf is ugly then the poncho I JUST finished last night (don’t ask how long I’ve been working on it) is HIDEOUS! :roflhard: Despite it’s “unique” aspects, I still plan to wear it and I hope that you will take pride in your work of art and wear it as well.

Just so you know, I like your scarf and think you are doing a great job!

Enjoy the knitting obsession.