FO: Ugly afghan

When my sister and I were kids we had this hideous brown and yellow afghan that we just loved. I’m pretty sure it was crocheted, but I figured I’d try to get as close to it as possible to give to her for xmas. I did have a bit of a problem though. The bottom of the blanket is nice and ripply but the top, where I bound it off, is kind of flat. It’s acrylic yarn so I can’t really block it. Any suggestions?

I don’t think it’s ugly at all. I love the ripple effect real or imagined. It looks like a giant bumble bee to me and I like it.
Not sure what to do about evening out the ends other than unbinding the end and redoing it with a larger needle maybe? I’m only a year into knitting so not an expert by any means.

I have no advice, but I wanted to say that I think the blanket is VERY COOL!!! You did a great job!

I cant xactly agree that it is ugly. I like it!

How is the CO edge ripply?

It looks neat and I’m sure your sister will get a kick out of it. :teehee:

Maybe undo your bindoff and re-bindoff in Picot?

That is lovely! Not in the slightest bit ugly so you’ll have to try again :teehee: I’m not sure about the edging tho… sorry.

Ugly? Here I was preparing to make some consoling remarks like “it looks like it’ll be very warm”, or “it will have great sentimental value” or whatever I could say and mean it. :teehee: but your afghan really does look good!