FO: Two-Tone Aviator Hat for Baby J

Knit another Aviator Hat for my great-grandson…this time in bulky yarn. Am also knitting him a Chunky Monkey two-tone vest using the same blue variegated yarn, but a different ‘tan’ contrasting color!

The front flap/brim is double-strands of worsted weight. It worked.

This is a STASH project. I had just enough of the tan for the brim.

My notes on Ravelry.

BELOW: Chunky Monkey Vest, almost dry today. Need to add the buttonbands, the armhole bands, the neck band, and buttons.

Might not have enough of the tan to work the armhole bands, but if I run short I’ll do the blue for them but work the last 2 rows in tan.

How adorable! :hug:

And thanks for the tips on what can be done if I run out of yarn!

What a great looking hat! I love the color combination. And the vest is coming along nicely, too.

Best dressed baby [I]ever[/I]! I love the hat in its chunky version and the vest is going to be adorable and very useful.

Cool hat. I love aviator hats. :heart:

Amazing:yay: :yay: :yay: One day I hope to be that good. That is supurb.