FO: Two "Quickie" Baby Sweaters!

Hi! :waving:

Had to make two emergency baby sweaters for an upcoming baby shower! The young woman’s pregnancy just went by so fast (well, [I]for me[/I] it went by fast!) Her shower is scheduled for this weekend…and everyone expects to see some hand-knits girts from me!

The little blue pullover took just one day. We were enjoying our July wilderness week…so I was able to devote most of the day to it!

The blue jacket (knit in one piece) took longer. Garter stitch always takes a million stitches. Have made this jacket for two girl babies this past winter, too. It is one of my favorite patterns.

Had to wait til I got home to do the blue jacket seaming and buttons. Tried to find “Stash Buttons”…but, didn’t have any 1/2" buttons that looked good. The button holes were the “knit two together, yarn over” style, so they were small. I like the crayon buttons. They slip in easy, but, on the other hand…they stay shut, too!

Have the hat in progress. I have one yellow pencil button leftover, so I think I will sew it to the top of the little stocking hat…kinda where you would put a pom-pom. If it looks ridiculous on top…I might attach it to the fold-up brim. It that looks ridiculous, I will have a loose button on my hands. :pout:

The pattern for this little sweater had lots of problems to work through. The neck turned out the size of an orange…and the sleeve pattern directions said to make them 4" in length! Ach! The sweater is 8" long. Four inch sleeves looked way too short…like a short sleeved garment. So I continued along and made them 6". The pattern photos showed all three versions as “long sleeved” pullovers. I had to leave the neck and 1/2 the shoulder open and fashioned two crocheted button loops. It looks ok.

Just adorable! I have found more patterns where the sleeve length is ridiculously short. I wonder just who they make them for!:lol:


I’ve been making 0-3 month size sweaters lately. I’ve noticed that the they are not all the same size at all. And the sleeves like you said are short. I made mine a little longer too, but I’m wondering if they couldn’t be right about the 4 inches. :?? Those little buggers have really short arms.

I love both of your sweaters. The blue with the crayon buttons is my favorite. I love garter stitch. Looking at it, not knitting it. :grin: It is a slow one. Well, I like not having to purl, so it’s a trade off.

In another post I learned you have a cabin at Nighthawk Summit. I did a search in Okanogan County for that land feature and didn’t find it. Is it in Okanogan County? Is it near the border crossing at Nighthawk? That is not a long way from where I live. I live about 35 miles south of Omak. Do you go near there when you travel from Kent to the cabin?

I absolutely LOVE the little blue pullover! Great quick project!! :smiley:

Awww those are adorable!

Those are adorable!:cheering: I love those buttons; they are Perfect. The new mom, and the baby, will, I’m sure, love them.

Very nicely done!! The blue one is my fav. :slight_smile: For some reason, some of the people at my old job expected knit gifts from me too! HA - not on their lives!!! :twisted: :teehee:

Hi Merigold! :waving:

Our 20 acres is near the town of Republic off Hwy 20.
We do pass through Omak en route from Kent. We usually stop for a burger and let our hounds out for a rest at the Burger King, kitty corner from the Wal-Mart. We take I-90 to CleElum…then hop onto 970 over Blewett Pass. We travel US97/US2 through Wenatchee, over the river, head north on US97 to Tonasket. At the Shell Station in Tonasket, we turn Right onto 6th/US20 and follow it to Swan Lake Road, at about milepost 299. We turn Right onto Swan Lake Road, then a Right onto Mule Deer Road…and follow that, switch-backing up the mountain to about the 4300’ elevation. Our 20 acres is what they call “off the grid”. [U]We named it[/U] “Nighthawk Summit” ourselves because we are at the TOP…everything else is downhill! Also, the slopes of our main camp is a Nighthawk (the bird) breeding ground. So the name. Every evening they fly around our heads overhead, feeding on evening bugs. They “buzz” us…and swoop real low through our camp! It is quite the sound! We also have a resident Black Bear and her cub on our 20 acres, a cougar, moose, whitetail, coyotes, etc. Well, who doesn’t have coyotes these days? The bear and cougar have never walked through our main camp at the top…but all around it. We see the tracks in the early morning before the winds have a chance to degrade the tracks. We think our two Treeing Walker Coonhounds are the main reason the bear and cougar avoid our camp…that, and their own food supply must be sufficient. On our hikes we do see evidence of the bear, teaing apart wood to get at ant nests, grubs, or whatever else. We also see cougar scratching posts (trees), and we see bear claw prints running up certain trees in our gully. We have never seen mule deer at our elevation. My DH takes one whitetail buck per season, about 20 yards from our main camp. He just sets a chair by a tree, and waits. DH is building a log house, from scratch. For vacationing mainly. Six feet of snow in winter makes it impossible to reach the summit except by snow shoe or snow machine. DH snow shoes in twice per winter with his hounds. Just to “check on things”. It’s a guy thing. :eyebrow:

Well, this post has become quite OT, but, it is enjoyable meeting other knitters and learning a little about them, isn’t it??!! Thanks for asking!

This is me, knitting on the summit during our June trip!

This is our July trip!

This is July, during the Tunk Mountain fire. Lots of smoke came our way in the Republic area. We were very glad when the rain storms hit the next day or so! By the time we came home this past Sunday, the skies and horizon were crystal clear again. To the east we have a view of Sherman Pass…and we could see it again, too. This photo is looking kind of Southwest. Sherman Pass is to my back.

LOVE the blue with pencils!! :slight_smile: Also not a fan of garter (doing it) but it looks fab.


Abssolutely beautiful – I don’t know how you get knitting done with a veiw like that!! I would really love to live in the mountains.

The sweaters are darling–I wondered what patterns and what yarn you used? I’m trying to get a sweater small enough for my 2 month old grandaughter, but they turn out too big!! Are your patterns on the internet or in a book–and what yarn aand what size needles did you use?? Thanks-in advance!

Hi Ellen! :waving: Thanks so much for the pat on the back! :hug:

The patterns are in leaflets…and a little later on, I will take photos of the leaflets and post them here. The tweed pullover is a Sirdar DK Tweed…purchased on Ebay several years ago for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Can’t get over how far the yarn has streeeetttttcccchhhhed! I think I won 15 skeins…not realizing that it would make so many kids garments. I like the cream/lt blue/beige tweed effect for little boy stuff, but I also made a poncho for a 10 yr old girl at our church…to wear with her lkt blue faded denims. She just loved it. I thought my remaining yarn would use up the rest of it…but, not so!

The dark blue yarn is a TLC Soft Aran Weight. It is really a deeper indigo blue than the photo shows. I made a double breasted jacket for my little grandson a couple years ago…and still had lots left over. I got it in a close-out sale bin at Joann’s Craft and Yarn Shop! About a buck a skein. Don’tcha just love sales like that??? So I had to be a HOG…and bought all the skeins left. About 7 of them I think!

I won’t forget to post those leaflets a little later. I have to go soak my foot. I got a rafter-sized chunk of wood imbedded in my big toe today…running across the deck…and had to nearly amputate my toe to all of it out! Aaarrgh. :waah:

Those are great!

I, too, adore the blue cardigan. The garter stitch is so textural and lovely. Nice work!! Nice vacation spot, too… WOW!

Hi! :waving:

The blue tweed pullover came from this leaflet:

The blue garter stitch jacket came from this leaflet:

Beautiful work–what pattern did you use for the little blue garter stitch sweater? I love this!!


Those are adorable. You are great inspiration!

Both sweaters are adorable. Your work is exquisite!

Great work. My son had a jumper really similar to the second one when he was small…that sure took me back :slight_smile:

You seem to have a really great ‘even’ knitting style across all the items you make. Well done!

Ah…glad to know Naturally pattern was involved here. Might I say that most of their children’s patterns are wonderful.

Those are cute, love the crayon buttons.