FO: Two pullovers for Granddaughters!


I finished two pullovers for Fiona and Laila. They were easy.
If you are a Raveler: I posted them in my projects, along with pattern details, etc.

Laila’s “Jake” pullover; child’s size 5-6; Cascade 220 Wool; Book: Rowan Junior

Each sweater has a Heart button at the throat. I told the girls that when they touch it, they will feel Gramma’s Hug! :hug:

Fiona’s “Queen of Hearts” pullover; child’s size 7-8; Elann Pure Alpaca;
Book: A Treasury of Rowan Knits

they are totally georgous.

i love the designs

susi :cheering:

Beautiful, wonderful, and made with love. As usual, you’ve made some wonderful garments for your DGD’s.

Those are stunning!! :inlove:

Very pretty work, ArtLady!

Those are absolutely beautiful! I really love the colors. What lucky little girls!

:cheering: Those are fantastic! Next up in line for Artlady1981, is Knittingymnast’s (Something er other) Pullover! :chair: LOL J/K, but if I could I would ask you to make me a couple! Keep on Knittin’! :knitting:

BEAUTIFUL sweaters!! Maybe someday I can knit like that!! :woohoo:

As usual these are fantastic garments. You just keep on churning out the most beautiful things. I especially love the Queen of Hearts. Very very nice work!

They are both just so lovely. What beautiful work you do!!


Beautiful work…such lucky granddaughters!!!

I am always excited when I see you have posted a thread with some of your FO’s.
Your work is always beautiful and very professional looking. I especially like the "Queen of Hearts " sweater xx

Beautiful, as always.

Beautiful work, as always! You are such an inspirational knitter with all these fabulous FO’s all the time. I’m sure your grand-daughters love getting things from you. I remember my grandma knitting for me and it was always so special!

If you would like, I’d be happy to help you with a sweater.
Not a “wing it” sweater…a sweater from a specific pattern. Maybe a free “Knitty” or “Knitting Pattern Central” pattern…so that we could both view the details and directions.

As your personal mentor, I’d want some input on the pattern choice.

A special Knittinggymnast/Artlady Knit-a-long of our own!

Lucky little children. Both are beautiful.:woot:

They are both very loverly sweaters, and I like the heart button idea a lot.

The girls’ names are so pretty.

Wow…great work! You blow me away as always with your skill… :muah:

As always they are gorgeous! Do the girls argue over colors or do you pick and make their favorite color?

Those are so beautiful! I especially like the little heart buttons you added. What lucky little girls!