FO - Two More Flirtation Cozies

I made two more of these. In case you missed the pattern link in my the posting of my first one, [B]here[/B] it is (it’s a free pattern). These are going to be for my sister and mother-in-law.

I used Patons SWS. The first one is in Natural Berry, and the second one is in Natural Denim. I’ll say that the yarn redeemed itself in my eyes. I didn’t like the feel of the colorway I used before (Natural Snow). It was really rough. For some reason, these two colors were much softer and, thus, more pleasurable to knit with.

I did a little bit of modifying to this pattern. First, I knit seven pattern repeats. Then, I only knit seven rows of SS and ended with six garter rows and bound off. I think that doing the 5" of SS makes the cozy too cumbersome to put on. Just my opinion. :wink:

Thanks for looking! :muah:

:happydance: They look great!!

I just love these . They look great :slight_smile:

Those are so neat!

equally beautiful :heart: I love cables!! They just make me want to cuddle up with some hot cocoa :slight_smile:

Very nice! I’ll have to get some SWS and try my hand at it again - yours look much nicer in that yarn! I agree with your mods also… the one I did is a bit on the large side - I need to go out and find a super big mug for it!

On the plus side, my mom just gave me a $50 GC for Michaels for my bday - woo hoo!! Now I can go enhance my stash, and must start with new yarn for new and improved cozies :smiley:

Another modification I might try, if I make any more, is to do only two moss stitches on either side of the cables. That would narrow the cozy a bit.

Glad y’all like them! Thanks for the kind words. :hug:

I really like the moss stitch on the sides of the cables–it’s unusual and aesthetically pleasing. :slight_smile:

You did a wonderful knitting job. I really like them.

Nathalie, those cozies are absolutely lovely :inlove: Thanks for the modification tips!

Gosh I love these. I can feel another QUEUE coming on!

[COLOR="#300090"]I’ll take two of the gray, please. :wink: LOL

They look wonderful! What does the SWS mean for the yarn. My quick check of Patons site did illuminate the meaning for me at all.

I have been wondering if anyone had actually used these and if they get in the way being so close to the rim of the cup? I’ve had this pattern in my sites before, so thanks for the note about your mods. I’ve now filed it in my ever growing pattern folder.

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]

Those are so pretty!

Nathalie, I love those! You inspired me to knit up a couple of them for my mom for Christmas.


Stupendous, the pattern looks wonderful in all the colors.

Your pattern on the blog is for the original, non moss stitch design? Sorry, I’m not reading well today. I really, really like the moss stitch one.

These are beautiful and if I can get some done, I’d like to do one for my dad and grandparents… Keep those fingers warm while they drink their coffee.

No, the pattern link is the moss stitch one. You can click on this link to go to the page in Ravelry, but there’s a link on that page to the pattern designer’s blog.

They are so cute, do they keep your drink hot longer? can you tell where you got the pattern from? They look great:thumbsup:

I don’t know if they do because I’ve only made them as gifts and haven’t used them. I would like to think, though, that it would be easier to grip hot mugs.

Thanks for the nice words.


Love them!!! What a great stashbuster too!