FO: Two Color Coronet Hat

I just finished my very first project!:woohoo:

I had my wife pick out a pattern for her hat and we got colors to match her coat.

I know that this is an intermediate project, but why not jump in head first right. I am also crazy enough to change things in the pattern. I made it two colors (easy), and I picked up stitches on BOTH sides of the cabled band because I wanted the stockinette to hold it up. (harder, because I turned it inside out, rolled up the band and fed a big loop of yarn through to purl the 90 sts.) I also made it shorter, because my wife didn’t want it to cover her eyes.:eyes:

My only regret is that the cabled band had to be first. I started feeling pretty good about knitting at about the halfway point in the top. I had a problem with loose stitches on the edge of the band, but didn’t feel comfortable slipping the stitches. ( I didn’t know how hard it would be to pick up from that.) I couldn’t get the provisional cast on to work, so I knit about 10 rows and then inserted a lifeline to start the pattern. I took this apart to do the Kirchner stitch after it was long enough. BTW, is there a way to join this and keep to the pattern? K2 P2 K9 P2 K2

I also asked a question on the help forum about the stokinette cap, because the picture didn’t look like it. You guys really came through!

Anyways, there it is, my first project. I am thinking about a hat for my noggin with a pattern right out of it. (knit purl patterns, checks and lines, maybe?)

Wow! That’s an ambitious first project. It looks great!

You did a great job!!

Holy cow! You are ambitious. It Looks great. Matched the colors and everything. Nicely done. :thumbsup:

Wonderful work :slight_smile:

Wow - I can’t believe that is your first project. It looks great - you did a wonderful job.

Wow! what a 1st project! it matches her coat perfectly. Keep it up.

First project??? Are you kidding?? And you improvised???


It’s just lovely. You’ve got some real talent! I can’t wait to see your future projects!


First project?? Holy cow! I envy you. I’ve been knitting a few months and I’m still not so sure of myself!

That’s a very nice hat that you knit for your wife. I’ll bet it is very precious to her. You remind me of my DH. I taught him to knit last fall (2006) and he made a hat as his first project. Then he went on to make over 20. :slight_smile: All his own ideas. It sounds like you are full of ideas too. Go for it!! Have a lot of fun with your hats!

Wow, that’s a fantastic first project!! It came out great!