FO - Two bow hats

Finished these this week. I made a new pattern…it’s on my blog if you’re interested. It’s in my sig.

The green one is from Bernat Softee Baby and would fit about a 4 yr old. The purple one is a bulky yarn I got from Shandeh. It would fit a maybe a 12 yr old… :??


Those hats are adorable… :heart: it.

The hats are so cute but I can’t seem to get the pattern to open. I just get an error message. :pout: :verysad:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

It’s a PDF file…do you have acrobat reader?

BTW…it’s on KPC now!! :cheering:


Those are so adorable! :inlove: :heart:

Love,Love :heart:

So great, Jan! Congrats on your pattern getting listed on KPC!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

You are just buzzing right along with those hats! Very cute indeed!


Those are so precious!! :heart:

these are so cute! i think i want to make them in cotton for my nieces and dd… they would all be adorable in your cute hats!

Thanks everyone!

Ingenious!Great pattern Jan and the hats are adorable.

Such cute little hats! They’re adorable. :slight_smile:

Jan you got your pattern posted on KPC~! :notworthy: :balloons: :present: :balloons:

I :heart: em … they are just too cute.>…

Uhh… I am kinda lazy right now… what size needles did you make em on? :hiding:

Uhh… I think I used a 7 for the purple one and 4 for the green one. The size of needle would depend on the weight of yarn you are using.


those hats are darling!

What a great way to use that yarn! You GO, Jan! :happydance: