FO - Two baby cardigans

I am so chuffed with myself as I have now finished the second baby cardigan!!! And they look like real cardigans!!!

This one only took a week, but somehow the button holes went all out of kilter… I have no idea how this happened as they are on the same row, but as it is hot here in Singapore I doubt it will be done up so am trying to ignore it :rollseyes:

Anyway, here are the pictures

This is the first one I did, it is done in baby cotton

And this is the second one, done in lemon coloured baby wool

This is a close up of the first one, so you can see the stitching pattern

I hope my friends like them!!! My husband loves the pattern, and says he would like one - trouble is the pattern only goes up to age 6 :rofling::rofling:

ohhh, why have they posted as links and not pictures??

They look so beautiful! You chose the perfect yarn, and I really love the stitch pattern! Great job :smiley:

Those are adorable…the baby (ies) who are getting those are very lucky! Great job!

I fixed the photos for you. What you need to do is copy and paste the link given you, but it already has image tags so so you don’t need to add anything else. Thanks for posting the photos, I hate links. :shifty:

The sweaters are gorgeous!

Thank you :muah::muah:
I don’t particularly like links either!!! I’ll delete the links now the pictures are there :happydancing:

Those are absolutely beautiful!

Those turned out so beautiful! What pattern did you use??? I would like to make one for a friend of mine who’s expecting…



Beautiful work! Is the pattern on-line somewhere? I especailly like it because it is not ‘girly’. I’m always looking for little boy sweaters.

Those are just adorable!!

They are just lovely!

Thanks for all the lovely kind words :muah:

The pattern is a Sirdar one, Tiny Tots DK 1682. The picture that came with it is of a baby boy in a blue version, so ideal for a boy or a girl!