FO: Two Baby Blankets

THREE women in my Bible study are pregnant - I’ve been knitting baby blankets like crazy. Here are two of them. The green one I got from Knitting Pattern Central. The heart one was on one of the threads here some time ago. I’ve been bookmarking patterns as I read!

Very pretty!

They are just lovely and the women are going to love them!:muah:

Beautiful!! :woot: They’re so blessed to have you in their Bible study group … I bet after this, everyone will want to be in your group. :wink:

They’re beautiful!

those are so pretty and colorful! what yarn did you use?

These blankets are great!

Thanks for the kind comments. The yarn for the green one is Paton’s Feathersoft and the pink one is Paton’s Zhivago - both Australian yarns.

those are lovely- what precious gifts for the babies!!

They’re both adorable! I really like the heart pattern. Can you post the link to it?

Lovely!! I particularly like the pattern on the green one.

Here’s the link for the Heart Blanket:


Wow! Love the colors!!

Oh, those are so pretty! Great color and pattern choices! :inlove: