FO--two afghans

The log cabin afghan is knit in a gajillion scraps.

The other afghan is made out of chenille I bought on ebay and is crocheted because it is un-knittable. :grrr:

Great job! I would never have the patience for something like that. :teehee:

Looks Great!

That log cabin quilt is awesome–is it from Mason Dixon Knitting by chance?

It’s not from Mason-Dixon, but no doubt is very similar. It’s just log cabin-constructed squares crocheted together with black and edged in black all around.

cool–I really like it–it’s the kind of long-term project I could work as a potential christmas present for my parents…I just don’t know if I"d have the longevity to keep up with it! How long did it take you to make it?

I guess it must have taken around three or four weeks. I could make a square in an evening of TV watching and more than one per day on the weekends.
It was fun choosing which color to do next. That kept it interesting.
The hard part for me was arranging the squares. Even now I can see in the picture there is an orange bit and yellow bit too close together. OH well.

That is so inspiring! I love the log cabin. Could you actually pick up and knit off the squares, so you didn’t have to crochet together do you think?

Well, you could seam them together rather than crochet them together, definitely. I just wanted that bolder black border so I crocheted them together.
But each square begins in its center, so you have to make them separately.
HOWEVER, you could make just one HUGE square. That would be cool!

Those are great!

log…cabin…LOVE! :heart:

That is what I was wondering! Okay, so they are just squares, and the little rectangles in the the squares are all knitted as one piece?

Wow, I really like the top one. What pattern is that?

Very nice! I really like the log cabin one!

They look great! The scrap afghan is beautiful, and I bet the Chenille one feels so soft.

GREAT Job!!! The chenille looks so soft!!