FO: Twize Skirt by Kemp/Cheryl

I wanted to knit this skirt for about a year now and finally got to it:thumbsup: The designer is our own Kemp aka Cheryl and DivaKnitting on Ravelry. I saw that skirt on her and on Scout52 and was hooked. I ordered the yarn and it sat still in my stash till now. Apparently, i had nothing to fear, since it was such a quick knit. It took me about a month with other projects on the way. On to the details:
[B]Pattern[/B]: Twize Skirt by Cheryl :wink:
[B]Needles[/B]: 5.5mm
[B]Yarn[/B]: SWTC Twize (worsted weight bamboo), very soft and lustrous. Great to knit with and not splitty at all despite the plied texture.
[B]Size[/B]: Mine was actually M, but based on Cheryl’s advice from last year, i knitted S and as you can see on the photos - it’s not small on me at all, because bamboo is stretchy.ETA: I also made it shorter, because i’m…hm… short. So i started the increases right after the decreases.
I found the buttons in an LYS in Haifa and decided that they are going to be on that skirt.

So, without further ado - me, my dog Tyra and the Twize skirt! Photographed near the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.

It’s beautiful, Nat and it looks great on you!:thumbsup:

Wowza! It’s looks GREAT on you!!!

OMG it looks so gorgeous on you!! you did such a great job. Don’t you just love that yarn? it is a great pattern. Simple quick and sexy.

Very nice! Looks great on you.

Looks fabulous on you and you did a beautiful job!! :thumbsup:


Thank you everyone!

I do love the yarn, but i have 6.5 skeins left - what do i do with it? I need ideas:teehee: And yes - this skirt is definitely quick and sexy!

You and the skirt look GREAT! Nice job.

Cute, sassy, little skirt! Great job!

That is great - looks SO cute on you!!

That looks wonderful on you!!!

That’s a gorgeous color, especially on you! Great job!

Ditto on what everyone else said … it’s perfect for you!!! Beautiful!

I have also knitted the bell curve skirt for my twin. Here is the link

I think we are the same height right? We are 5’ and my twin weighs 107. It took 5 skeins to knit. I only did one repeat for the edging at the bottom.

I actually have it in my queue:happydance: Thanks!
I’m 5’3 and weigh 123, so your twin is a few sizes smaller than i am, i guess it will take more yarn:teehee:.

You’re beautiful Natalia! You’d look beautiful in a paper sack!
Your skirt is great!!! I love it!

Thank you!!! You do flatter me though :oops:…

Funny nobody mentioned my doggy being so sweet:teehee: That’s what happens when you put a pretty skirt on a girl:rofl::rofl::rofl:

That is adorable - especially on you :cheering: . Great knitting.

Girl you good! :yay:
That skirt looks amazing on you.

I’m really happy for you that it came out this good. There’s no way I would even dream of making this skirt with the little bit of time I’ve been knitting. But I think I just might print this out just in case I might decide to in the future.


Thanks! This skirt is really not a big deal to knit. Once you know how to Knit, purl, increase and decrease, you can go for it. Actually, it applies to all knitting. Good luck:cheering: