FO: Twisted-Stitch Sampler Hat

I got the book [B]Twisted-Stitch Knitting[/B] this summer, and have only recently gotten to try out the pattern stitches. The charts looked daunting but I love them. They are very intuitive and easy (the ones I picked, still a lot to learn) once you figure them out. I used 8 different stitch patterns around the hat. You can see them all on Ravelry in my notebook if you’re interested.

Oh my! That is [U]quite[/U] the hat creation! It’s very Celtic looking–love it!

That’s beautiful! :inlove:

Beautiful hat with gorgeous stitch patterns! Twisted stitches are fun, you’ve chosen a great combination for this hat and done them so well.

What a gorgeous hat and pretty lady too! You did a great job!!!:inlove:

What a nifty hat! :inlove:

WOW! Did I miss this hat, Judy??? Well, it’s FANTASTIC!

You know, John has been very sick this past six months. He finally had a heart surgery called cryoablation on Aug 27. Now we are dealing with the recuperation. It’s up and down. He also has an aortic aneurysm that’s expanding.

Anyway, I haven’t been as attentive to our Whatcha Knitting forum as I should be, nor have I been knitting as much as usual. Too tired to concentrare… but I will spend insane time playing Words with Friends with friends and family. What an incredible time suck. Then there is Hanging with Friends, and Scramble with Friends.

I always like to keep up with your latest creations!

I hope Tom is doing well, and the kids and grandkids!

Don’t forget Matching with Friends and Draw Something! :lol: Time suck indeed!

Wow! You look amazing in your creation. Love the hat.

ArtLady, I hope things go well for you & John. Good health to you both.