FO:Twisted-Stitch Hat

I made another hat using 6 patterns from[B] Twisted-Stitch Knitting[/B] and one simple one between each design. This one is for a male friend who asked me to make him one (he says he’ll pay for it :slight_smile: ). He said blue, gray or green so I found this Cascade Yarns Greenland in a nice blue. It is 100% Merino and soft, but felt a bit like cotton as I worked with it. It has a very tight twist which is why I liked it, that and it is not itchy feeling. I think it turned out okay. I think it will look better on Jeff than on this wig form. :lol: He saw the other twisted st hat I made and tried it on, but wanted it bigger so it is. I think it will be just right. Oh, by the way the yarn is an Aran weight. I didn’t even notice when I bought it, just liked the color and texture of the yarn.

I figured out one more refinement this time. I made the patterns seem to come right out of the ribbing. Took some thought and experimenting, but I think it worked pretty well.

Again you can see all 6 pattern stitches in my projects on Ravelry under Jeff’s Twisted Stitch Hat. My picture is not the best. I was trying to get pictures of each of the pattern stitches, but not the hat as a whole. I’d like to get one of Jeff modeling if I can.

Here’s Jeff in his hat. Got it delivered tonight. He loved it and said it fit perfectly. Is planning to wear it for his after ski hat.

Wow neat looking hat and I love the color!

That is gorgeous! :inlove:

Marvelous! It does grow right out of the rib, doesn’t it?

It’s so much more than OK! It even exceeds your usual level of meticulous work. I love it when cables or twisted sts grow out of the ribbing. Jeff looks great in his new hat.

The perfect apres-ski accessory. He does look pleased with it. You do the most amazing things.

As usual, Judy…this is another spectacular knitted FO! You Rock!