So the creater of the Monica tank that can be found on has created a book of projects and one of the projects is the twirly skirt. The pattern calls for it to be in four different colors but I chose to do it in black and white and the front and back are knit seperatly and I did the oposite on the back of what I did on the front. Here are a couple of pics. Atlanta wouldn’t stay still for me to take pics these are a couple of the best ones.

Atlanta is adorable, and apparently very happy with the skirt. I take it she’s in 4th gear most of the time?

Atlanta looks lovely in her new skirt. and wearing another one of her crochet top as well.

Did start my top for Maisey. but thought to try it in the round. There is obviously something you have to do to make it look right because my join looks funny so I will try again doing it your way, with the ties at the back. The triangles were very quick and easy to do though.

Oh its sooooo cute!!! it fits her perfectly!!

Do we look upon a future race driver:teehee:? She looks fabulous :thumbsup:

That is so cute. I love that she loves to run and play in her great gifts, she obviously loves them. She’s a cutie pie.

:happydance: Very cute!

This is just the most precious skirt!!! I love it on Atlanta! You did a great job!

Love it and Atlanta is such a great model!

Very cute skirt. I’ve never heard of someone named Atlanta. Was she born in Atlanta?

She looks adorable in her beautiful new skirt!

She’s adorable!! And so is the skirt :slight_smile:

I have trouble getting my DD to stay still for pics, too-only she wants to stand behind the camera, so she can see the pictures~ LOL~very difficult to get her actually IN the shot that way :teehee:

Nope she was not born in Atlanta in fact I have never been there actually have never been to the States even. We got the name as my husband is a huge Atlanta Falcons(NFL) fan and a huge Braves fan(baseball) and teh threw the name out as a joke but I fell in love with it.