FO: Tweedy Aran Cardigan

[B]Pattern: [/B] Tweedy Aran Cardigan by Norah Gaughan
[B]Yarn:[/B] Blackwater Abbey 2-ply worsted
[B]Yardage:[/B] 1,190 yds
[B]Size: [/B]42"
[B]Color:[/B] Rust

Ravelry notes.

Here is a practice swatch that shows what the Fancy Rib looks like closeup (the hemline and collar and parts of the sweater, too) White shows it better than my rust tweed!

GORGEOUS!!:notworthy:…My Birthday’s not until October:roflhard:

Gorgeous!!! Ignore Pam. My birthday comes before hers - September. Besides Mother’s Day is coming up! :slight_smile: Want my snail mail addy? LOL

Beautiful! Love the color.

Your Cardigan is AMAZING. This is why I started knitting because I wanted to learn to make beautiful items like this. I’m a long way from this, but your finished sweater is really really beautiful. Great job!

Lovely work … as always! Thanks for sharing! :muah:

It’s beautiful!:inlove:

I envy your ability to wear beautiful wools, but at least I found a cotton blend tweed I can try! Woo!

This is beautiful!!! (and MY birthday was Friday! :teehee: )

Another gorgeous work of art!! :heart:

My birthday isn’t until December :frowning: Too many ahead of me lol!


Beautiful !

Just amazing! Love the color and, as always, your work is outstanding!

Beautiful yarn, beautiful sweater!

I enjoyed reading your notes and seeing the great photos of the sweater in progress on Ravelry! You are so gracious in sharing your knowledge and expertise with everyone.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Well, once again I am just in awe of your work!!! So jealous. Still have not gotten enough courage to try a sweater. Yours are always so beautiful. Maybe one day I will become as acomplished as you are.

very awesome!

As usual, you have created a really beautiful piece of art. Wearable art, which makes it even better!

I’m a foot taller than you, so I won’t throw my BD out there. :cool:

Just beautiful. Good choice of buttons too.