FO: TV blanket for Laila

I’ve had this stash forever. 10 skeins of Wisdom POEMS. (100% wool, single ply) I was thinking to do sweaters for the Fiona and Laila…but waited too long…and now they’ve outgrown the color palette, at least for a sweater. I just don’t see this colorway on them anymore.

I have 10 additional skeins of this yarn in another color, and I’m 3/4 done with it. It is for Fiona. A log cabin blanket. Hereis the yarn I’m using for it.

I know Laila will love the blanket shown below. It’s big enough to cover up a little kid watching cartoons. Not too big, not too small.

Here is the blanket ( 36"x52") My own pattern, clickhere. It’s pretty generic.
Just 10st alternating blocks, seed st with stocking st. But I do share the details
about how many to cast on, needle size, etc. I had to tinker to get that right.

What a beautiful blanket! Of course this yarn would look good as a sweater, too, but it does look very nice in the blanket!

I’m sure Laila will be thrilled with it. I would be!!! I love smallish blankets and throws. They’re great for just covering your legs or shoulders.

I often have the problem of half of me (such as my upper body) being cold while my lower part (my legs) are way too hot. SO . . . I’ve often thought I should design a personal-sized blanket that has a slit running almost all the way across it about 1/3 of the way down on the long side. Then you could fold back either the upper part (and leave your legs covered) or fold back the bottom part and leave your upper body covered. Of course, the blanket would also need a way to connect the two “flaps” on one side–maybe with a snap?

At any rate, I think I’d rather make this from material. It’s a nifty idea, though, and I challenge someone to steal it and make a knitted version!!

Ooh love these colors. I am sure she will adore it. Perfect for Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of cereal! :slight_smile: I too like smallish blankets and throws for just my legs for one thing I toss my yarn between my legs when they are up in the recliner and a blanket keeps them from rolling off as easily! Another terrific job!

What a beautiful blanket!

That is one gorgeous blanket!

Really beautiful colors and lovely color changes. Thank you very much for the pattern and notes. I’d love to make one of these and I might even start watching Saturday morning cartoons, just to enjoy it!

What an adorable blanket!!! Love your work, and what a great way to use that stash!

Beautiful! I love the alternating blocks.

A beautiful blanket anyone would love to curl up with. I love the color scheme and the pattern is really neat. I might try one of these myself with some yarn I don’t what to knit with.

Oh em gee, that’s beautiful!!! Far from generic! If anything, that pattern just brings out the loveliness of the colors. Very neatly done, and it has a beautiful texture! :yay:

Beautiful! What a wonderful way to knit some hugs and loves.

What a cozy little blanket! Great colours, too. I am sure she will love it.

You inspire me to start a larger project but every time small thingies sneak in and there is no time left :slight_smile:

gorgeous! love the pattern, love the yarn! it’s perfect!

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Beautiful and very cozy looking. :inlove: [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Give it to me if Laila doesn’t want it.[/SIZE][/FONT]

LOL! The girls spent a week with us in late December…and Laila has already hauled it home! She cuddled up in her new blanket here at Gramma’s every night! Us girls watch movies all day, and almost all night, during their rainy, cold, wintertime visits!