FO turtle dishcloth

So I thought this would be a quick easy project but there were so many twists and truns (which it turns out, are there to make the shell look happen) that it took longer than I thought. I used some leftover cotton and I got the pattern here

That is sooo cute! Great job.

Looks great!

I just purchased some green cotton yarn today to make this for a friend who LOVES turtles. Any tips?

Some of the instructions can be confusing. Like instead of just saying knit the next stitch the directions say something like “knit into the front of the stitch” so watch out for the obvious. All the twists may seem confusing but as Ingy says trust the pattern. Good luck. Feel free to PM if you have any trouble

I have a friend who loves turtles… and is getting married in a few months… I should make her a couple… .lol

That is really cute! I love that it seems to be sitting on top of the cloth.

Thats so cute. I really like this :slight_smile:

My neice is a turtle freak and is moving to a new home. This will make a cute house-warming gift :slight_smile:


:inlove: so cute!!! congratulations!!! rmturtle must see this!!! :inlove:

Coolios! I love turtles! :blooby:

ooooh! so cute!!! i love it!!!

Do you have the pattern?

I might make 2 (or one of these and one plain stockingette?) then stitch or single crochet them back to back for a potholder. LOVE turtles!!