FO - Tunic for myself :)

I started knitting in January this year after a friend showed me a few knitted scarves and since then i have finished a few projects. This site was the first site that got me started knitting. The videos were very helpful and easy to follow. I have had lots of help too from reading the posts here :slight_smile:

Here is one of my projects - a tunic that I wore once - the colour was picked out by my husband. I found the pattern in Magknits. I did follow part of it but along the way changed a bit here and there …

The link to the pattern online is

The tunic is very pretty and quite ambitious for a new knitter–WTG! :cheering:

what yarn did you use? I like the deep blue :heart:

That’s very nice! Looks great!

I used Red Heart Comfort. Thanks for all the support. My husband was surprised with the replies as they are very positive. Thanks :muah:

Wow! :cheering:

That looks great! Why did you only wear it once? :shrug:


PRETTY~! :cheering:

Great job - I love the texture that yarn gives it!

Well, we don’t go out much (most of the time to buy groceries) and stay at home most of the time. We go out on weekends when husband has gigs. He’s an entertainer and I sort of assist him and we have costumes. :teehee:

Good job! :cheering: