I thought I would never finish but I did and I love it!!! I used plymouth encore yarn in color #35145

Cute! :yay:

Beautiful & a great fit! Where did you find the pattern?

It came out great! I like it all in one color!

Thanks guys. I got the pattern from go to archives and then pullovers and look near the bottom for Tubey.

That looks very nice on you. One of these days I need to suck up my fear of knitting a garment for myself and just do it.

Way to go!

Looks like a perfect fit!

Wow that is lovely! Fantastic fit! :yay:

Pretty! :cheering:

Beautiful colour and a perfect fit. Well done! :yay:

Nice!! I love the neckline.

Looks wonderful and much better than the original pattern! Great fit!

Very nice and it looks like it fits well. I know lots of people have problems in fitting Tubey.

that looks great! You are giving me the urge to drop all my current WIPS to start on my 2nd tubey.


That looks great! :happydance:

Thanks guys.Now I have the urge to go buy something a little lacy to peak out the top and dress it up a little.

This is gorgeous! The fit is perfect too! Did you have to do any specific modifications? And how did you find working with the Encore?

I’m very interested in making this, but I hesitate because I heard there are sizing issues. Would appreciate your feedback…

Thanks.I did not modify the pattern at all I followed it to the letter except the fact that I did not do the stripes.I relly like the encore I use it a lot.

Great job! Tubey keeps moving up my to-knit list with every great finished one I see.

The neckline makes the sweater. It looks lovely on you. Perfect.