FO: Tubey! --- My FIRST Sweater! EDIT: (fixed the pics)

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

My sweater is FINALLY done!

Pattern: Tubey in medium size. (I wear an XL store clothes… it runs a bit big)

Yarn: 3.1 balls of Red Heart Soft Touch in colour 4603 A nice dusty - country blue

I had purchased a total of 5 balls of yarn, since the pattern called for 12 balls of Debbie Bliss. I only ended up using 3 full balls and knitted the last inch (barely) with the 4th ball. I was hoping to skip the 4th, but it was just the one inch too short… So now I have pretty much 2 full balls for my stash!

I loved this pattern. A really easy quick knit with lots of room for individuality. My only changes were the sleeves, and the solid colour. It fits like a dream, and the back didn’t bunch up… Tho the ribbing and the light colour tends to show off any back fat rolls pretty well… but I can deal. Anyhoo… time for some pics!!

my host seems to be down all of a sudden… boo. I will upload the pics!

That sweater looks so perfect on you!
I love what you did with the sleeves, too. Very cool!
:cheering: :cheering:

Great job, it looks amazing! :cheering:

Love the color! Great job! :cheering:

Beautiful! I made a Tubey last year and am not wild about the sleeves on mine. I like yours much better!



I love it!! Excellent job! :cheering: :cheering:


Great job, Krystal. :cheering:


Very nice you look so pretty in it. I have not finished my tubey lol I got angry at it and it hit the back of the pile but yours looks so good I may get mine back out and try to finish it.

you have created perfection babe!

Your sweater looks great!! I’m beginning my very first sweater. I hope it turns out as nicely as yours did :slight_smile:


:heart: :heart: Thanks for the wonderful comments!!

Did you make the original sleeves that rolled? I didn’t like the idea of the sleeves rolling, so I planned to do the ribbed cuff instead… but then I got so anxious to get the shrug part done, I just stopped at 3/4 length, which I like better anyways. You could always undo the sleeves from the bottom and re knit them to your liking?

Ah you must finish it. It’s really worth it. How come you got angry with it? I hope you can make peace!! :heart: :heart:

That looks fantastic!! I love the 3/4 length sleeves. :cheering:

:cheering: :muah: Really-you look BEAUTIFUL in your sweater!! Great job! I like your version (one color, shorter sleeves) Much better than the original-I may actually make it now!

You don’t mind if I shamelessly copy yours, do you? :teehee:

I think I will too!. Looks much better on someone with a bustline than it did on the model on the link you posted.

Ahh thank you!! :muah: You must make it and go right ahead and copy mine! My mom wants one in the same colour… just longer sleeves.

[quote=Arielluria]I think I will too!. Looks much better on someo

Agreed! It’s a great boob top. makes the girls look their best! I am happy the ribbing didn’t stretch too much for me. I saw pics with much much bustier girls (mind you they were much tinier every where else…) and the ribbing stretched alot and showed off the bra underneath. You can only sorta see the red from mine if you are really close to my chest. lol.


You are rockin’ that sweater, girl! Beautiful!

Fahbulous! Really, that is such a great look for you! That is a great looking sweater. Congrats!

Such a beautiful sweater! :heart: the color, :heart: the 3/4 sleeves! Great job!

Beautiful sweater!!!and color too :cheering:

Great job! The sweater is beautiful and the color is gorgeous!!!