FO Tube skirt for young girl

I made this tube skirt last year for my 4 year old daughter. She wears it for birthday parties mostly. I picked up some different yarns that looked like fun. Eyelash and chenille are mixed in with sparkly yarn. You can vary the stitch pattern as you go. Just be sure to do something at the top and bottom for the first 1" or so to ensure it does not curl up. I did k4/p4 with the chenille so it would be soft closer to her waist. The sparkle stuff is a bit scratchy.

Then for the pattern, I knitted a bit of one, then introduced the next color for a just a few rows (like 2 rows) , and went back to the first for a row or two before going on to the 2nd color for a greater amount (Like 7 or more rows).

That way, it would be consistent and still varied. Then practicality set in and I did more or less based on how much I had left of each. I would not recommend more than 4 types of yarn with this.

WoW! That is GREAT! I’ve wanted to make something like this for my dds, I think they both would LOVE one with ribbon yarn… now that I’ve got an idea how to start it (thank you!) I guess I need to add it to my ever growing list of stuff to knit…

Fun! Fun to make, fun to wear. This has what most little girls like—pink, glitter, and feathery. Just the thing for a gala birthday party.

That is so cute - I bet she looks adorable in it!

Little girls love pink and fluffy so I’m sure she loves it! :thumbsup:

Wow! Just what every girl needs to complete her wardrobe!

Way cool…I can see a young girl really liking the colors and feel of the skirt! :hug:

:happydance: Looks wonderful!! Great job :thumbsup:

This is adorable! I just love it. I then imagine, when she’s outgrown it, on a lampshade in her pink girly room! It’s great! Or seamed on the bottom and it turned into a bag…I love the yarns.

wow! thats great!

Fancy! What a cool idea!