FO- Trigger Gloves

I finished them yesterday! The last glove went pretty quick after I got the hitch straightened out…

I love these- I’m already making a pair for myself using Magallanes in brown (#300). :inlove:

It was very cool knitting a vintage pattern, too. Knowing that men wore these gloves in the 1940’s in battle. But, no one I know will be snipering, hopefully.

I’ve already had requests from people for their own pair! Including my boyfriend, Mr “Knitting is Dumb,” himself. :rollseyes:

So, here are the 1st pair- I knit these in Lion Brand wool ease in black (per request) using US#1 needles.

This was my first time making gloves and my 2nd time following a pattern. I’d been kntting scarves and other square things for about a year until I got couragous and pushed myself. VERY gratifying!

Those a beautiful! :inlove:

Those are great!

And in black no less! Way to go! :heart: :heart:

thank you both! :smiley:

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Excellent…love them :thumbsup:

Very cute! And I love that they’re called Trigger Gloves! I just bought some Misti Alpaca Worsted today to make the fingerless mittens from Sally Melville’s Purl Stitch book. I figured being a po-po I should make some for the winters when I’m constantly cold, but need my fingers free to type on my laptop in my car or even shoot at the range :wink:

You said it’s a vintage pattern–is it in a book?

Beautiful!! They look warm and cozy!

thank you all!

Andrea, I found the patten here. Supposedly the pattern was copied directoy from a Red Cross book from 1940- the same year my dad was born! She (the owner of the site I got the pattern from) has other patterns from the book I’m going to try.

they look great, you did a wonderful job on them!! :thumbsup:

Those are awesome!

Zoot is your cat? Is she an evil twin? :rofling:

Thanks for the link! :thumbsup:

nice job!!! I like the long cuff.

Those are fantastic! I am getting ready to make fingerless gloves for my mom. She got a new position at her job that will require her to be by an open door this winter… bbbbrrrrr…