FO: Traveling Double Diamonds Tree of Life Baby Throw


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It’s based on the full size afghan by Nicky Epstein, but I used a seed stitch border instead of the add-on tulip border, ditched the flower garden with its loops for my own awesome cable pattern, the Traveling Double Diamonds which is worked out fabulous and I wrote the dividing pattern that I absolutely love with this!

Ok, I’m tooting my own horn a bit, but I do seriously LOVE this! I think the only thing I would [I]maybe[/I] change is add more width and a tad more length; something that can easily be achieved by increasing the seed stitch border. Otherwise, I’m as delighted with the way it turned out as a squirrel finding a nut on a cold day in September :slight_smile:

The pattern is free to view, save, print in my Google Doc shared folder. It’s an unchecked pattern for right now until either I knit another or someone else knits it. Here’s the link to my folder! Btw, if you’re bookmarking, bookmark the folder link not the PDF because when I fix errors (hmm hmm) I’ll have to upload a new copy and it will get a new URL.

It’s posted on Ravelry and my blog … more pictures at those places.

I love it! :inlove: It’s just beautiful!

If you update you can come back to this thread and post “update” in the subject line and link the new pattern.

Beautiful! I love your traveling cable design.


Turned out really well. I love your variation on the pattern! Well done.

Toot away it is beautiful! :inlove:

What a lovely throw! Thanks for sharing the pic and the pattern!

A beautiful version of the tree of life throw. I’m glad you are so happy with it.

Oh my word! That is DIVINE!!!

I made this afghan, so I know how challenging the pattern is.

I really, really love your changes!!!



On 10/8/11 I uploaded a revised version which I’m hoping is now completely error free. It’s been knit up by a Ravelry knitter and she pointed out a few minor typo errors. I [I]believe[/I] it is now error free. I’m leaving the “checking for errors” status on there until I get feedback from another knitter or I find time to knit another one.

You can get the pattern from my shared Google Docs folder. No need to sign up, just click the link below and it will take you to a list of clickable pattern links. Clickon the one that says Traveling Double Diamonds… which will open the file online. You can choose to save (download) the pattern albeit possibly not entirely correct at this moment. I recommend bookmarking the shared folder since that link won’t change where my current link directly to the pattern will when I do another update and remove the older file.

Happy knitting!

Link to shared folder:

This is truly DIVINE! Wonderful modifications, too! A real treasure! Heirloom!