FO- Traveler Socks

I used the traveler socks pattern found on THIS page. I love doing cables and had fun knitting these socks. You can see the same pic with more details on my BLOG. you can also see my post from yesterday with all my WIP’s in it.

Very nice indeed. I’m so hooked on cables I can’t hardly believe it. Yours look so nice, be very very proud. :thumbsup:

Wow, how nice!! Beautiful pattern!

wow gorgeous - I don’t think I could do cabled socks - I find it hard doing uncabled ones!

:smiley: BEAUTIFUL

:smiley: BEAUTIFUL socks…your mom is gonna love them :thumbsup:

wow those socks are beautiful - the cables are amazing
:XX: Shelley
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Beautiful work!

Wow those socks look so beautiful…and difficult. When I look at cabling, my mind just goes in circles! One day I will be brave enough to try it! :slight_smile:


Those are wonderful!

Great job! And thanks for the link!!

Beautiful. Thanks for the link.

Gorgeous Socks!

They’re lovely!

Nice pattern + great work = Beautiful Socks!!!