FO: Travel Pillow

I’m working on this Travel Pillow. My Hobby Lobby didn’t have the yarn it calls for, so I’m using Lion Brand Jiffy Denim and Fisherman. Here is the top part (still without the clouds). Some of my increases are pretty sad, but over all I’m happy with it.

Oh i bet that is going to be comfy!

OOOH! That looks great!

Might knit one for my IL’s for their new motor home :smiley:

Oh, I can’t WAIT to see the finished product!! I :heart: the color!

That’s a great idea. Wish I had one for the plane tonight!

oooooooooo i’m going to hawaii next month and this would be PERFECT to make!!! yay!!!

what kind of increases did you use?

:teehee: that was part of my problem. I started out just doing a YO because I thought [I]an increase is an increase and if I needed something different they would have been more specific[/I]. Well as it turns out the YOs left ‘holes’ in the pattern that may become a problem when I try to put the front and the back together. for the back I’ve switched to M1A.

I thought about doing that part over again, but I’m not certain I have enough yarn left, and frogging this yarn was horrible. There are so many fibers floating around it, that just rubbing against each other gets it all knotted up.:shock: I decided I would just make the seam on the inside set of stitches if I had to.

After many nights of staying up too late :knitting:and not spending enough time on packing, I finished my travel pillow!:woot:It is ready for my trip tomorrow, but I’m not.:oops:

How long did it take to make this?

You’ll be traveling in comfort now.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen]That looks comfy. Good job…[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

That’s very cool!

Well I was a little obsessive. I started it on a Thursday evening and sometime Saturday I realized [I]if I work really hard, I can finish this before we leave on Monday![/I] I didn’t sleep a whole lot, but I finished it Sunday with enough time to pack before we left.

lol, thats the way to do it! so i should be able to finish in time for my bro’s honeymoon at the end of september then (fingers crossed and if i don’t get distracted!).

Looks nice and comfy though.

It turned out really great! It looks like it will be comfy too!

Ooh, I love it! It looks extremely comfortable, and it’s useful but also beautiful. And from the picture, I can’t really see any of the YO holes! Great job :smiley: