FO - Transformers Toque!

Hi there,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this forum, but I thought I’d share my most recent FO! It is the Transformers Toque, pattern found here. I used Knit Picks Essential and size 3 circs.
I learned a lot from this project. I am a novice when it comes to colorwork and stranding. I started off doing floats incorrectly and not loosely enough, so the finished project is slightly tight and fuzzy. I still like this project though - it’s very unique! I hope the recipient likes it, and I hope my next stranded project will come out even better!

wow–that really looks great! Nice work!

Very nice!

I have a feeling my fiance will want one of these doing for him :roflhard: He getting the film on DVD off me for xmas.

WOW! Very cool.

Wow, that is really good. Great job!!

Great job :thumbsup:

Wow!! That looks great.

That looks fantastic!! I can’t show my3 boys they’ll want one !!LOL

That is so cool. I want one.

That TOTALLY rocks! WTG!

Wow! That looks great!

:woot: That looks awesome!! Great job :thumbsup:

You did an amazing job! :yay:

Looks great!

Wow, that’s awesome! My grandson would love one of those. Nice work.

[COLOR=Indigo][I][B][SIZE=4]I’m going to have to make my grown sons a couple of these…they would love it…they grew up with Transformers…was it hard…thanks for the link to the pattern…I’ll put that in my file…was that an adult size or child’s size?
Great job![/SIZE][/B][/I][/COLOR]

Thanks everyone for your kind words!
Merry - I didn’t find the pattern hard, but it was slightly tedious… since in essence, you are knitting 2 hats in fingering weight yarn. The pattern is written in 1 size only. Mine came out a little tight because of my floats, but it still does fit an adult head. If my floats were good, I think it would be just right - not too tight and not too loose. I’ve seen other versions on Ravelry knit with heavier weight yarn, so you can always try that too.

Wow! I am still a beginner and frightened of color work, but you pulled it off very nicely (so perhaps I can someday?). Great work!