FO: Touch of Whimsey II

Hi’ya! :waving:

Well, it is DONE! If you would like to read my comments about this version of the scarf, and see other photos of it click HERE.

I will say, it is helpful to use blocking wires for scarves. It completely eliminates any wonkiness to the side edges.

I blocked it by misting it down heavily, left to dry overnight!
Voila! A completely tamed, polished, smooth appearance!

My scarf used 3 full skeins, and is 73" long…and is a gift for my DD. We have a mother-daughter day tomorrow. We are going to the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup! Yippee-skippee! I’ll take a photo of her modeling it! This scarf will completely set off her green eyes and creamy complexion. She is such a yummy girl! :eyebrow:

And it is STUNNING:cheering::cheering: I can’t wait to see the photo of her modeling it:blooby:

How lovely!

Pretty, pretty scarf!! The colors are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it on your beautiful girl!!:yay:

Wow… you do absolutely stunning work!! :passedout:

Did I miss it, but what yarn is that? it is stunning!:muah:

Too beautiful :star:

Hi’ya Mulder! Thanks for the compliments! It is Crystal Palace TAOS. It is almost as soft as Malabrigo! It is 100% wool. Doesn’t it even look soft!?

Artlady I didn’t know you were in WA State! I live in Shelton. OHHH while at the state fair you have to see my LYS booth there!!! She (Myra Garcia) will be there with her hand dyed wool. Her shop is called Fancy Image Yarn. Myra also makes beautiful knitting kits!!!

The yarn is beautiful, the scarf is amazing! Your DD is going to be thrilled…sounds like she’ll wear it beautifully!


You certainly have an eye for colour xx

Lovely, as usual!!!

Hi’ya! :waving: Here is a photo of my sweet green-eyed girl wearing her new green scarf! BTW, she loved it!

This is the way she will wear it in chilly weather!

On her dining room table next to the bowl of artichokes! Same colors as scarf!

Just lovely! Oh and look at the cute kitchen! SO did you find the Fancy Image Yarn booth today?? Please say yes!!

Yes! I sent you a PM! She is adorable! Very nice!

Thanks for the tip! She was located in the ARTISTS IN ACTION under the Grandstands. Other yarn vendors show their stuff, too. Myra had GREAT KITS…however, nothing that I wanted to knit.

It’s really beautiful and it looks so soft. LOVE the colour! :thumbsup:

That is so pretty…your daughter is lovely…I love the kitchen too :teehee:

That is just beautiful as always.

It’s gorgeous! I think I want one now, but I already have a scarf, plus my mom just knit me one, too, so I don’t really need it!