FO-Top Down Raglan

I finished my top down raglan - and have to admit I am pleased with how it came out :smiley: This was my second sweater (first with sleeves) and I knit it based on The Knitting Fool Percentage Method

As others had noted, when you are on the “plus size” these percentages don’t work all that great - but it was actually a perfect fit in the shoulders/yoke area. I had to split for the sleeves a LOT earlier than the pattern called for - but once I accepted that (involved frogging) and split it, everything worked out perfectly.

I used Plymouth Encore for yarn and just did it in simple stockinette so I could learn the construction without worrying about staying in a stitch pattern. Here are some pics (the one of it not being worn is the truest to its real color) - and thanks for looking :smiley:

[CENTER][B]I REALLY like that! Nice work.[/B] [/CENTER]
I’m also in the process of knitting my first sweater (adult). I knit in the round instead of following the pattern which knits front and back separte. Now I am trying to figure out the sleeve part.

Wonderful job and it looks really good on you. You did a great job figuring out the fit. Congrats to you! You should be really proud of this sweater.

Thanks Suziblues and The.Knitter! I am proud of it - and Suziblues good luck figuring out the sleeve part. It (at least on mine) was easier than I though it was going to be :smiley:

Yay! It looks really great. Good for you figuring out about the sleeves! They look like a great fit! Nice work!

Looks like a great fit!

Congrats!! It’s wonderful you could figure all that out. Making my first sweater is something I want to do this year.

Great job, it looks really good on you.

It looks terrific! You did a great job

:happydance: Looks great!! Great job :thumbsup:


Fantastic work! I can’t believe you were able to do all that guess work so perfectly!

Thanks everyone - I appreciate the kind words :smiley:

Hi Chris! :waving:

Well done! I understand from your comments that you designed the sweater yourself…using basic top-down sweater principles? Yes?

It is a great basic sweater! You should be very proud of it! :thumbsup:
I’ve personally never been brave enough to do what you did!

Thanks ArtLady - but I can’t believe there is [B]anything[/B] knitting related you’ve been afraid to try! This was really just basic knitting round and round and trying on at different points to be sure it was fitting - next I’ll try one with a stitch pattern in it and figure out how to keep in pattern while increasing/decreasing…Think I’ll be thanking goodness for KH help when I get to that!

Here a just a few things I have been reluctant ('fraid) to try:

  1. socks (yup that’s right…not one sock of any kind!)
  2. gloves of any type
  3. mittens
  4. booties
  5. entrelac (I tried garterlac…it kicked my butt)
  6. Fair Isle (well I tried it…ack! can’t get the tension right…gave up)
  7. top-down original designs

I heartily admire all of the knitting I see here in Whatcha Knitting!
Very inspiring knitters!!!

Very nice! There’ll be no stopping you now, right? You’ll soon have a whole closet full of beautiful sweaters. (At least, that’s MY plan.)

Great fit :thumbsup:

Thanks guys! :smiley: And, yep, Debkcs - that’s my plan! I’m tall so can never get sweaters that are long enough in the body & sleeves so decided I had to learn to make them myself LOL

ArtLady, socks are next on my list to conquer…hopefully…

that’s pretty! i haven’t enough courage to knit a sweater…lol