FO: top down baby raglan

no one in mind… had the caron simply soft (the color’s actually light pink, looks kind of orangish to me, but that’s more to do with the crappy lighting in my house) in my stash and wanted to try a top down raglan before attempting to go and do a bigger project…

That’s really cute!

BTW… your photo is too large. Click the link in my signature to read about acceptable sizes. :wink:

there we go, love using photobucket :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing it. You can make it up to 800x600 pixels though. :thumbsup: Love the nice bright color, btw!

Looks like it turned out pretty dang good to me! Great job!

Is beautiful n neat


Very cute!

Such a nice little pattern! I love that Caron Soft! You really did a nice job! Perfect st st!!! :thumbsup:

tech question here - Jan I see a note that a photo has been re-sized sometimes. When I try to post a photo that’s too big, I immediately get an error message and it just won’t post. I’m wondering what the difference is (Not that I want to post big ones and cause TROUBLE, but I just wondered how some people’s big ones slip past that notice)

What a sweet little sweater! Beautiful knitting :inlove: