FO- TOO LARGE? Knitting Bag- error turned success!

Finished in September and packed full for our move… I really wasn’t expecting this to turn out so big, and it’s too big to use everyday. Originally started to replace my everyday totebag.

HOWEVER, it is super nice for holding just about anything that involves my knitting… or not…afghans, sweaters, needles, yarn, couple o’ cats, lunch for 25, stray volkswagons AND the kitchen sink! :teehee:

ooh, that looks pretty! make me one! :roflhard:

Pretty colors and makes a great knitting bag.

You’re a totebag!! :teehee:

Thanks, ladies, for the compliments!

It looks fantastic and the colour scheme is lovely :slight_smile:

I think it’s gorgeous!! :heart:


It is beautiful! LOL My husband thinks the size reminds him of his efforts to make gravy! It gets thick so he adds liquid and it GROWS… (better if I make the gravy btw)

Anyway I like your tote!

I carry so much junk it would be a handbag size for me! lol It looks terrific!

It looks great!! Even though it came out bigger than you expected-now you have an excuse to make another :teehee: and looks like this will come in very handy.


The bag looks wonderful! I love the colors :happydance:

Looks great…and if it can double as a suitcase or boat, all the better! :slight_smile:

Kidding…I love it - it’s nice to have something that size when you need it - especially something so lovely! :heart:

I think it’s great! I haven’t made a bag yet, but this is sort of what I picture my first one like. Great for knitting stuff!

My line of thinking!

I think it’s great and so is your sense of humor :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d LOVE to have a big, beautiful bag like that to put all my knitting/crochet stuff in.

Or, I could leave it open and my DGD could play in it. Such options~

It’s really pretty! Love the colors … that happened to me too. I was making a tote for my DD to use for school and winging it … um it’s WAY too big! LOL And yes, it holds some of my projects now! :smiley:

Looks great and useful!