FO - toe up sock

This was my first attempt at toe-up two at a time socks and I am now even more addicted to socks !! I’ve already cast on for another pair.
It is hard to take pictures of yourself wearing socks…


Looks great :thumbsup: I LOVE the colorway!

Oooo niiiice! Very nice! I’ve yet to tackle socks! [COLOR=Blue][I]Yours are very inspiring![/I][/COLOR]
I love them! I gotta get on the ball…

Perfect socks!

I’m still trying to get up the nerve to try toe up socks! Yours look like a great fit and the color is really pretty…I am very partial to blue!

Very nice. Love the colorway! How do you like toe up? I’m finishing my first top downs.

Nice work! Which cast-on method did you use? Yeah - it’s awkward trying to take a picture of yourself wearing socks. I couldn’t get both feet the frame (comfortably) so I had to get creative and just shoot one foot:

[B][SIZE=4]Hahahaha…[/SIZE][/B] :teehee:

Thank you thank you

As for toe-up - I LOVED IT and am working on my second pair. This pair is in shades of green. I am doing magic loop and getting both socks done at the same time as in the past I have had issues getting both socks to come out the same size and as a result my mother has lots of lovely knit socks.

I do a closed toe cast-on…not sure if that is the technical term for it…

Those are really cute! What pattern did you use?

It is a pattern stitch that I borrowed from a free pattern on ravelry…I believe it was called totem stitch. If you are on ravelry it is a free download, if you are not on ravelry let me know and I can send you the link to her blog via PM and you can download it there. It was really simple.