FO - Toe up bed socks

My Knit Night friend combined some of Cat Bordhi techniques with her own and a bunch of us worked on the pattern together. I used YO for the gusset increases along with plain stockinette. Some of the others chose to use m1 increases with ribbing. I like the technique!

These are made from worsted weight James C. Brett Marble color- moss. It’s a nice soft acrylic that is a good alternative for those of us who can’t use Noro. Not the best for socks, but they are pretty.

They are beautiful!! My first thought was that the yarn had a look of Noro! Great job! :slight_smile:

They’re very pretty. Love how you did the gussets!

Your yarn made a nice pair of socks. I’ve never seen shaping like that in the front where you did the YOs. It makes an interesting effect. I like them.

They look great! Love the colorway too.

Great socks!!! Love your design and the yarn works perfectly with it.

:happydance: they look great! I love that colorway!

Very nice socks ! :slight_smile:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]These are really beautiful!
I, too, love the way you did the gussets (now that I know what they are… LOL!)
Love the colour too!
TEMA:inlove: [/COLOR]

Those are beautiful! Love the color and what you did with the pattern.

Jan, they are absolutely beautiful!!! The way you worked the gusset looks very interesting, makes the sick very fitted. I :inlove: it!

Oh Jan! These are realllly nice! They look so beautiful!

Jan, they are gorgeous!

I was at The Yarn Garden in Portland today, read just about that whole book. Her methods are radical, to say the least. Definitley going to buy the book next week when I go to my L:rofl: YS. (If I have to travel fifty miles to a store that well stocked and that friendly, so be it!) The fifty miles back home will be filled with yarn-y joy.

Very nice socks~~~~~~~~~~~

Great socks Jan:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

ooh the color is sooo pretty!!

those are so very cool!! I love them!! I want to get her book this KP book sale :slight_smile:

Really interesting, in both color and shaping. I’ve seen sock shaping done like this before, but not so that the decreases were part of the design element. Those attempted to be hidden.

Your colorway is divine!

Oh man…I love the colors in that yarn!!! So pretty!

Great socks! Love the YO gussets, really gives them a nice look!

They look great! Love the colors.