FO -- toe-less socks

I have to say that knitting socks for my goddaughter has been really cool for me, I feel like I’m meeting such a need. She’s really sensitive to things on her feet, and puts up a big fight over socks/shoes. In the summer, not a big deal, but now that it’s cold, uh oh…

So I made her a pair of socks with no toes, and she loved them! Hates to take them off! I just finished her second pair, in WoolEase of all things – perfect because the shoes she agrees to wear are all a few sizes too big for her…so heavier weight socks are perfect. :thumbsup:

These are cute. Would be great after a pedicure while getting toes polished. I just love them.

What a wonderful, creative godmother you are!! Great job!

Her mom must be THRILLED! :cheering:

Oh, she is…this gives her much more freedom as to when she can wash the other pair – she won’t have to sneak them off her feet while she’s sleeping any more. :roflhard:

:happydance: loooovvvve that color :cheering:

Those are so cool.

:inlove: Ooooo… I love them!!

:inlove: them!!! :heart: the color, :heart: the idea! What a cool thing for you to do for her! :thumbsup:

My son is autistic and has this thing about the toe seams. Hand knit socks are prefect for him because there is no seam. I graft the toe and it is smooth and seamless. Maybe if you make the toe wider (don’t decrease as much) it will almost be like having an open toe? People can be very peculiar about their socks :smiley:

It’s very interesting – she’s absolutely vehement about being able to feel each toe individually (she would put a band-aid around each toe before). We joked about putting the thong-ish thing in between each toe :roflhard: but she loves the feel of flip-flops, so these worked out perfectly. I did think about doing floppy-toed socks if these weren’t to her liking! :thumbsup: