FO: toddler sweater

DD in her sweater at Easter. Free pattern linked from this site. It was knit in one piece and then underarms and sides were seamed. It was fun to watch the sweater take shape on the needles. I used a wool from Joanns. I think the sizing in the pattern runs small. Really hard to get her to hold still for a picture!


:frowning: I don’t see your photo…just have the red x :frowning:

Hmmm… don’t know why. I see the photo.


Hmm I can’t see it either :frowning:


I tried uploading it again. Can anyone see it?

I can see it! Very cute! I love the color!! :smiley:

That’s really cute! I think that is the pattern I got about halfway through and didn’t have enough yarn to finish so I frogged it. (I’m stash busting so buying more would be silly.)I will make it again sometime though as it was easy to do. Your daughter is adorable!

Very sweet! Oh… and the sweater is great too! :thumbsup:

Oh my gosh that sweater is darling and so is your little girl! Very cute! love the yarn!!

adorable sweater and really adorable kiddo. :smiley:

Awww, beautiful and your dd is a cutie too!

So adorable (both sweater and daughter)!! I thought of my two aunts immediately who are both notorious cheek pinchers: “Oh you are sooo cute!”

Be thankful your daughter is safe!

:cheering: :cheering: I can see it now! She is so cute!! Her sweater is darling…just perfect :thumbsup:

The sweater looks great - I love the colors! And of course, your daughter is beautiful!

Like nj, I couldn’t help but want to pinch those little cheeks - just sooo cute. Oh and so is the sweater. Great job! :happydance: