FO toddler pullover and hat

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]The pattern is from a 1985 Simplicity magazine Our Baby.
I made only minor changes.

The yarn is Caron’s SPA, " A silky Soft Bamboo Blend ".
It was really nice to work with, although I had to be careful of splitting because I knit on the loose side.
Thank you Abby and Suzeeq for providing head size help.[/COLOR][/FONT]

That is adorable. I love the puppy buttons, by the way.

How does the Caron’s spa wash? I’ve seen it at Michaels & it feels so soft. But haven’t used it.

On the 0-10 cute scale that is definitely a 12+ + + !!!
The buttons are adorable!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

[COLOR=DarkRed]Thanks Abby.
I tell ya what. . . I haven’t put away the little bit of the yarn that was left,
so I’ll knit an ample sample and wash it with the next load of shirts and let you know.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=SeaGreen]Thank you so much Judy.[/COLOR][/B]

That is a gorgeous sweater set!!:inlove:

That is the cutest ever! Beautiful job and those puppy buttons it finish it off perfectly. :cheering:

Those are just beautiful! A classic design and yarn choice. The puppy buttons were a great choice.

So cute! The buttons are really neat too!

That is an absolutely gorgeous set! I love the pattern. You did a beautiful job … and the puppy dog buttons are a super cute touch!

[COLOR=Blue][B]Wonderful work! [/B][/COLOR]You should be so proud! :thumbsup:

GORGEOUS!! The puppy buttons are just too cute :heart:

Absolutely adorable!!! What a gorgeous set!! Great job!

Perfect set!! :muah: Simple in its lines, with all those textured stitches. Very well done. The hat is just right.

Wow, that’s beautiful! :inlove:

Ok, I agree with everyone else…the pattern, the knitting, the buttons are all darling but…I am even impressed with the pompom! Do you use a pom pom maker? I know it is silly but mine never look so even and round! :slight_smile: Great set.

What an adorable set, beautifully done! And I love the puppy buttons!